December 31, 2010

Hit List in 2011

There's nothing special for this New Year's eve. After going to church with my family, having a brief sermon, getting cold by showering rain, and feeling sleepy before the clock shows its hands to 12.00, I decide to make a list of five things that I want to buy in 2011 hehehe, they are:

1. Sewing Machine
    It's better to have a new machine. But I'd like to have an old one.

2. A woman city bike
    Cycling around the city a day will make us health and powerful. I believe it will give me some helps,  and I hope it (the help) works in bed too :P. My husband promises me to take me to go cycling at the sea shore as often as possible. I said it's a Must! :) 

3. Polaroid camera
    What do you think when you have some pictures as old as in 1970s? Wow! I think that's cool. I dream of having a real Polaroid camera. (He said it's  impossible -_-)

4. An Acoustic Guitar
    My husband said "You can play my guitars as long as you want, Baby" and I said "I just don't want to play a guitar which is bigger and heavier than me." I think electric guitars are too heavy for me :P 

5. More Books
   It's a must to collect more books started from today. 


December 27, 2010

Wedding Shoes

It will takes about two weeks more to have the wed party, I don't do many preparation things like the other brides do. I just don't want to make my self in a "pre-wed" syndrome, I'm intending to make it easier than other people think. Now, I'm thinking about my wedding shoes.I dream of wearing  barefoot wedding shoes on the white sand in a cocktail party with some best friends :)

December 25, 2010

A Lonely traveler

A lonely traveler hearts a delight trip
the woods asks her to come in
the leaves claps her shoulders to sit having an afternoon tea
her dress is made like a fairy's fern skirt
she hopes to get lost in the dark of the woods
she dreams for a troop of friendly gnomes and rabbits
she is a best friend of the great poets' spirits
greet her when you meet her
she's a lonely traveler

The Pine Trees

I like the way how the pine trees blow me their words
they ask me to play hide and seek
they read me some poems of the great poets
they sing me the old folk songs
they kiss me as the dawn won't leave us
they clap their hands after I finish reading my poems
they dance when I dance
we laugh with the strong heartbeat
they say
they love the way I love them
they tell me that they always be my Christmas trees