May 31, 2011

yay! there's a tree in our house

We'd love to have a tree in our house.
and yes, we have it now :)

paint paint paint!

 And we can do many things under the tree;

read some books 

enjoy a picnic-time

write a story :)

do another things (do the embroidery, sew or play guitar)

and we can also have a date-time under the tree :p

May 26, 2011

Oh, I smell summer!

The waving grass, the songs of cicadas, the melting ice creams, the smell of the sun in your hair, the sweat drops, the children' laugh, the sunbathing cats, the beaches and the wind, the sands and the fishermen, the full moon and the hooting owl, the falling leaves... It's summer. 

Summer Time

The pattern of  Summer Time   

Summer Time & The Golden Deer

May 23, 2011

Hand sewing dress

Waiting is a cheesy thing. not always actually. But when you want something so bad, and you can't get it for a particular time, it means cheesy :P

I haven't got the sewing machine but I really want to make those abandoned fabrics turn in to some things. (clothes, bags, pouches etc)

So, I decided to sew a dress. I made it in three days. And I had one- googling day (on that day, I was very busy googling for some hotels for my next trip. so I left the dress - work) so it should be finished in two days with hand sewing. And this is it... my first -hand sewing- dress.

These are the patterns of the dress.

And this is the dress. I add a white lace and put the label :)

something that ordinary will become extraordinary when we consider it as an extraordinary thing :)

May 14, 2011

me and the embroidery #3

I was sort of thinking about my old red-sweater I owned when I was child. I got it from my old aunt  (in Yogyakarta) That's not for my B'day gift anyway, it's just sort of a trip-gift from her. oh I really miss that old thing as much as I miss my old aunt. 

And sure, I  didn't successfully wear even one of my sweater while I was sick. - I got cough for several days. It's so lousy because I couldn't remove the phlegm. It was stuck in my lung and made me hard to breath. I got fever then, and I lose a million - to do anything  moods as well. It's so terrible spending my days in bed and doing nothing. And after having those  -not in the mood - days, I finally finished the Blossom May :)

Blossom May