May 23, 2011

Hand sewing dress

Waiting is a cheesy thing. not always actually. But when you want something so bad, and you can't get it for a particular time, it means cheesy :P

I haven't got the sewing machine but I really want to make those abandoned fabrics turn in to some things. (clothes, bags, pouches etc)

So, I decided to sew a dress. I made it in three days. And I had one- googling day (on that day, I was very busy googling for some hotels for my next trip. so I left the dress - work) so it should be finished in two days with hand sewing. And this is it... my first -hand sewing- dress.

These are the patterns of the dress.

And this is the dress. I add a white lace and put the label :)

something that ordinary will become extraordinary when we consider it as an extraordinary thing :)

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  1. very nice thank you so much :)