June 15, 2012

Hello Jackets!

Olalaaa I'd love to steal my little time to do sewing (this is the way to keep me fresh and sane) in my daily bustle. I wake my girl up at around 7 after the "midnite playtime" - which makes me go back to bad habit, coffee. After having sunbath, we'll have a fun bath time. Then my girl will let her mom to do the chores and do other household things in about thirty minutes or more than an hour if she's just being nice :p or only five - ten minutes when it's her fussy time. So, when I meet my sewing goddess in such little time, I'll make it as precious as gold (too much) hehehe. Since I haven't found a heart-matched jacket for my girl, I sew some.

Paws & Pink Blossom

The Pink Blossom inside

the label - gempitalagi

This jacket below - I prefer call it a cardigan - use silky felt fabrics (usually used for wrapping a baby) so, it'll be comfortable to my baby.

the polka and the yellow fabrics

Hello polka cardigan

go babyshoes go!

When I was in last semester of pregnancy, the good mood of sewing comes back. oh thank god! I'd been lost without it. I was really enjoying to sew some nursing dresses, making baby needs and other stuff again, day and night! It really drove me crazy, yeah sewing is such a great boost for me to keep me alive :P. And making these baby shoes were soooooo fun, I made them in a day!

pinkbabypink - fully cotton fabric

yellowbabyyellow - felt outside cotton inside

hellopolka - felt outside cotton inside

June 08, 2012

a story in a baby crib

I like sewing something which the idea just suddenly popped up in my head and I'll be working on it directly. Like these three dolls (Luna-the cat, Tarra & Nolla -the rabbits), the pillow & bolsters covers, and the hanging mobile that I sewed before my lil' girl's arrival. They are so quick and easy, fast and dirty as well :)

 And I really fall in love with the hanging mobile. My girl loves it too.

June 02, 2012

Welcome Home Sekar

It's June already, and I've become a mother of a babygirl. on May 4th 2012 baby Sekar was born and i will never forget holding her in my arms for the first time. Now, she is 4 weeks old and always bring cheeriness  in our home.