May 14, 2011

me and the embroidery #3

I was sort of thinking about my old red-sweater I owned when I was child. I got it from my old aunt  (in Yogyakarta) That's not for my B'day gift anyway, it's just sort of a trip-gift from her. oh I really miss that old thing as much as I miss my old aunt. 

And sure, I  didn't successfully wear even one of my sweater while I was sick. - I got cough for several days. It's so lousy because I couldn't remove the phlegm. It was stuck in my lung and made me hard to breath. I got fever then, and I lose a million - to do anything  moods as well. It's so terrible spending my days in bed and doing nothing. And after having those  -not in the mood - days, I finally finished the Blossom May :)

Blossom May

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