December 31, 2010

Hit List in 2011

There's nothing special for this New Year's eve. After going to church with my family, having a brief sermon, getting cold by showering rain, and feeling sleepy before the clock shows its hands to 12.00, I decide to make a list of five things that I want to buy in 2011 hehehe, they are:

1. Sewing Machine
    It's better to have a new machine. But I'd like to have an old one.

2. A woman city bike
    Cycling around the city a day will make us health and powerful. I believe it will give me some helps,  and I hope it (the help) works in bed too :P. My husband promises me to take me to go cycling at the sea shore as often as possible. I said it's a Must! :) 

3. Polaroid camera
    What do you think when you have some pictures as old as in 1970s? Wow! I think that's cool. I dream of having a real Polaroid camera. (He said it's  impossible -_-)

4. An Acoustic Guitar
    My husband said "You can play my guitars as long as you want, Baby" and I said "I just don't want to play a guitar which is bigger and heavier than me." I think electric guitars are too heavy for me :P 

5. More Books
   It's a must to collect more books started from today. 


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