March 17, 2011

a housewife's tale

Once,  someone (who was influenced me much when I was teaching in one school) said that when we get married, it’s time to say not only “welcome to the happiest new life” but also in other words “welcome to the hell”(lol) Ready or not, being a housewife or not, we’ll face both pleasures and obstacles of marriage.  
Well, that “shocking opinion” will never haunt me for the rest of my life for I know she told me such thing because of her experiences in her marriage. Surely, it won’t be wicked words but something for me to be aware of (thanks anyway).
Yeah, everything goes well. We’re happy with this ‘early step of marriage’ and I hope it will be so, day after day :) 

And the great day on January 16 2011 was ours.

For now, me and my husband live in a small white house which is about 3 km from the beach.  I do many things in the house, since I also don’t go for work yet.
Is it bad if I don’t feel happy when somebody calls me as a housewife?
Hmm of course everybody can call me so and you also can say that again..
As the other housewife do, I do the household things; cook / serve the meals, wash the dishes, do the laundry (depends), plant some flowers, sew, and bla bla bla.
Damn you’re right, I’m a housewife.
Are these pictures prove me as a housewife ?

I really enjoyed doing this thing and I don’t look forward to any comment. And I already know that the answer is yes, I'm a housewife :)
It's not bad being a housewife as long as we do lotta extraordinary things and don’t let ourselves get trapped in a boring situation that can kill us or drives us up the wall! Besides, don’t forget to be always an extraordinary woman for your lovely husband in bed ;)

gempita bergempita

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