April 04, 2011

El Capitain

Have you ever heard about the southern beach's mythical story in Indonesia? Yeah, it's a bit horror and creepy. The all of southern beaches has one 'the most ever lasting and creepiest' story of The Queen of southern beach. But let's forget about the horry dready mystery..

How about the Southern Beach Terror? Have you ever heard?
You might think of a 'terror and dreadful things' happen in southern beach (or maybe the queen has doing something bad, there). But, it's about a creepy sound of a band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, yeah that's actually a name of a band, actually one of my fave band, and actually umm my husband's band :D

I'm not going to write the band review but I guarantee when you listen to their songs, you would ride the wildest waves at the southern beach. http://www.myspace.com/thesouthernbeachterror

 El Captain of Southern Beach Terror

 and it was his victory too when he was slimmer (^.^) and concerned to his another-band :p



what a big beerbelly

My husband isn't a horror man (just lil bit scary hahaha). He's a nice guy who marry me with love and all his countless good traits. I always support him for all the good things although sometimes he is too lazy to do anything :p. No words to say except I love him so much :)

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