July 06, 2011

June's Gifts

My cousin, she loves frog! I don't know why and I could never get the best answer for every single question. I never see her with a real frog in her hand, feeding or just stroking any frog. But forget it, because she has a lot of frog stuffs in her room. At least it has proven her as a frog lover ;)
She came to visit me in the middle of June, I knew and predicted that she would have special stuffs for me in her hands. Otherwise, I only gave her one thing, I sewed a - postman bag for her.

I drew the frog, hoping that she would love it. Then, one day I -accidentally- found this sentence on the internet "You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince" It's  perfect since she haven't met her real prince yet :P, but it's a joke anyway :) So, with my hubby's suggestion, finally I embroidered the words.

  well, great! she really loves the bag :)

I sewed a special pouch too for my new best friend in Bali. So glad, when she said that she like it :)

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