September 18, 2012

Sewing then Selling?

Due to my hectic life lately, I've lost control of my "me time". And when I got it, I felt so much blessed. Blessed for each idea that's still there in my head and blessed, because it could boost my mood.

Everyday is sunny, here. And it makes my will to sew some stuffs getting bigger and stronger.. I made some stuffs some days ago. A baby pillow for my cousin, pillow and bolster covers, a diaper wallet and some soft toys.


Ella and Joao

Ella, Joao and Astrud

Astrud and Polly

Lil' bit disappointed after sewing that soft toy, because I have no idea what animal that is.

This baby whale pillow was especially made with love for Cello, my cousin's unborn baby. Can't hardly wait to see him :)

Mellow Yellow Diaper Wallet

Mellow Yellow Diaper Wallet (inside)
Those stuff will be available in my new online shop (soon). But if you want to have one at this time, you can contact me to order :)

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